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Like Canada Geese I’m flying to a new location. It’s not far – just over here.

“Why,” you ask? Maintaining two blogs has become unwieldy so I’m consolidating over at Wuthering Bites which is where I practice poetry and fiction.

Redo Sue has been home for my non-fiction thoughts. I don’t remember why I thought it was a good idea to have two sites – maybe I thought separating fiction and non-fiction was like the separation of church and state but really, why? Writing is writing is writing. Henceforth you shall find me in one place writing non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.

Please join me at Wuthering Bites.

“Honk, honk.”


Reading legacy

On the phone my cousin asked me “What are you reading?” and I was stunned into momentary silence because this isn’t a question I’m often asked. Knowing his reading is as vast as the prairies I was afraid to answer “short stories” for the only form less appealing to the reading world is poetry.

“Truth is like poetry and most people fucking hate poetry.” – from The Big Short

I’m also reading poetry but I didn’t tell him that.  Continue reading

The start of an affair

I’m having an affair with a poet. It started in the library – of course – over lunchtime. I was hungry and in a hurry and planned to get in and out as fast as possible. Never go to the library on an empty stomach.  Continue reading


Number 11s — wuthering bites

A piece posted by my poetic alter-ego over at Wuthering Bites.

Railroaded time in tracks ‘twixt my eyes – the trip to 59. Daily squints, become grooves with ties to hindsight – sometimes – but no regrets not even when the twin in the mirror thickens and I flinch at the nicks of time and the span that lies between the 11s, the age I don’t feel inside.

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Please, listen.

Two years ago, my husband and I went to Central Europe and heard the stories of those once neighbors—laughing together, eating supper, playing cards—who fell to pieces over “Serb” and “Croat” and “Muslim,” and began killing one another. We all … Continue reading → The post You are Not My Conservative Friend appeared first on…

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It’s the little things. Like a bike ride along a riverside path and seeing a swan glide in the river, inhaling clover scented air, and watching purple cow vetch – which unlike the name, is really pretty –  tussle with lanky milkweed as I pedal by.   Continue reading


Fluff, coyotes, and ducklings

pathThe front deck had just been newly coated with water seal this morning, then wouldn’t you know, the spring gods decided to let fly fluffy organic matter from seeding trees. It is the curse of this part of the world that every season generates stuff that floats through the air. The spring fluff is accumulating on the deck and sticking which is more than I can say for my thoughts. Continue reading